DSCV-SA Bypass Valve

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Turbine bypass valve

DSCV-SA (direct steam atomizing steam conversion valve bypass valve) is one of the world's leading first-class products, in addition to meet the requirements of excellent operation and tightly closed, also eliminate the thermal shock, with large adjustable ratio, flexible import and export size and installation, low cost maintenance etc..
The DSCV-SA bypass valve adopts angle structure, and the inlet and outlet connection forms can be flanged or welded. The bypass valve is divided into two parts, the high pressure part adopts casting or forging structure, and the export low pressure part welding straight pipe with noise reduction orifice can be more flexible to meet the needs of customers.
DSCV-SA uses cooling water steam atomization, which has the following advantages:
(1) the atomization steam can preheat the cooling water, which greatly accelerates the process of vaporization and temperature reduction;
(2) cooling water into a small mist, which increases the surface area, accelerate the heat exchange.
The atomized and preheated cooling water is introduced into the steam fluid and is removed by atomized steam. The mixing of atomized steam and cooling water does not depend on the flow velocity of the main steam, so the DSCV-SA has a large adjustable ratio.
Valve cover connection form: ANSI 900 and below the pound level, bolt connection; ANSI 1500 pounds to ANSI 4500 pounds level, the use of pressure self sealing design.
Spool form: according to the need to reduce the temperature of the upper and lower sides of the pressure drop, the valve can be selected single stage HUSH, multi-level HUSH or RAVEN labyrinth spool, and can meet the special requirements for noise. DSCV-SA uses high pressure balanced single valve seat and cascade pilot valve core structure to achieve valve V (ANSI/FCI 70-2) turn off.
Performance advantage:
High pressure balanced spool structure, can achieve continuous close, to ANSI V level
Anti rotation full guide valve plug design, to ensure stable operation of the valve
Cooling water steam atomization, the ability of reducing temperature is strong
The cooling water pressure is low
The adjustable ratio of steam and water is large
Select noise reduction valve core
Provide various inlet and outlet nozzles dimensions, flanges or welded connections, ANSI 150-4500 pounds class
The length requirement of straight pipe section is shortened


The design of "online quick change" valve core, without special tools, low maintenance cost
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