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Regulating valve under ordinary working condition

The ordinary working condition regulating valve concentrates the straight through type spherical valve body, the precision casting streamlined valve body makes the valve body cavity and the transformation area to become smoother, reduces the throttling, increases the circulation ability. The section and wall thickness of the valve body are calculated by computer, which ensures the high integrity of the valve body structure and the optimum strength / weight ratio. GS-700 series control valve caliber has 0.75 "-8" (20-200mm), the pressure level meets ANSI150-ANSI600, there are a variety of standard casting materials optional, the valve connection methods are: flange, welding and threaded connection.
The control valve of ordinary working condition can be assembled with various kinds of standardized valve cores, so as to be applicable to the control requirements of all kinds of common working conditions. It can also assemble some high performance valve cores, such as single-stage HUSH and multi stage diaphragm type valves, to control cavitation, flash or noise in general. To ensure the convenience of maintenance, all the spool can be quickly replaced. All valves of the same size can be interchanged to ensure maximum flexibility and reduce inventory spare parts.
The pneumatic actuator with normal operating conditions has a wide range of varieties, and can withstand up to 80psig of the air pressure. Therefore, it is possible to complete the tasks that usually need expensive executive agencies to complete. Copes-Vulcan's pneumatic actuator is well known for its reliable performance and is widely used by other valve manufacturers.
Product design in line with ANSI B16.1, B16.5, B16.10, B16.11, B16.25, B16.34 and other standards.
We have the following certificates: ASME Section I, ASME Section III 'N' & 'NPT', 97/23/EC-PED-CE and ISO-9001 certificate.
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