Chairman Message

Be Persistent and never Forget Our Goal
My heart is full of gratitude to those who have contributed to the success of Andac since its birth in 1993.
We are grateful to this special time which offers us great opportunities to participate in the development of China power and petrochemical industries and witness the progress of reform and opening-up which has enabled us to import advanced equipment from abroad and go global, following the footsteps of far-sighted Chinese enterprises.
We are grateful to our customers who have all along supported and helped Andac. Without their support, Andac would not have been able to accomplish so much. Those who have unfortunately passed away will live in our hearts forever.
We are grateful to our suppliers, including GTC, Pacific Valves, Copes-Vulcan (currently owned by SPX Flow Inc.), Samshin Limited of South Korea and Bvalve of Spain. Their long-term and unswerving trust, technical support and training of our team, have enabled our company to keep growing rapidly and making one qualitative leap after another.
Our gratitude also goes to our team, the majority of whom have been working with Andac for more than ten years, for some, even twenty years. Some started working in the company right after their graduation from university, dedicating their youth to Andac. They are a dedicated group of “Andacians”, loyal, reliable, diligent, hard-working and cooperative. This is how the enormous success is made possible.
At the age of 28, Andac is in its prime. It will continue to move forward in pace with the times.
We shall never forget our goal. We shall adhere to the policy of “honesty, quality and good service first”. We shall jealously safeguard the good reputation of the brand of “Andac”. And we are determined to achieve our objective of triple-win for the customers, suppliers and Andac.